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NFL Trade Rumors: Browns Want To Trade Up For Robert Griffin III, Or Maybe They Don't

The spring obfuscation game is starting. Offseason NFL trade rumors are already popping up about the 2012 NFL Draft and whether or not teams will be looking to trade up in order to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Cleveland Browns are mentioned most often, since they have two picks in the first round. Already, there are conflicting reports about their intentions to trade.

Will they or won't they?

Steve Wyche at says the Browns want to swing a deal to move up to the second spot. He projects as much in his mock draft and throws out this little nugget in the comments.

Several teams are going to try and move up to get Griffin but the Browns have the most ammo -- the fourth overall pick and a late first-rounder or high picks in later rounds. Cleveland needs Griffin -- and wants him, according to league sources -- and the Rams will still get their man.

Then again, maybe they aren't looking to trade. The Akron Beacon Journal says otherwise.

It would, however, be more surprising if the Browns traded up. General Manager Tom Heckert covets draft picks - he made the blockbuster draft-day trade last year with the Atlanta Falcons so he could stockpile selections - and the Browns have so many holes to fill on their roster.

The Browns have traded down the last two years in the draft, most famously in 2011 as the Falcons moved up to the sixth spot to draft Julio Jones.

Two other teams that could be entrants into the RG3 trade derby are the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins.