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St. Louis Rams Fan Approval Poll

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The 2011 NFL regular season ended less than a month ago. It seems more like six months ago, but I could be caught up in the media cycle. And what a media cycle it's been. The St. Louis Rams tossed their former head coach and general manager, the two leaders who guided the direction of the franchise for the last three years, steering it to a 10-38 record over that span.

In the days before Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney were fired, I can remember more than a few fans who did not want to see that happen. Since then, there seems to be considerable excitement about the decision to hire Jeff Fisher.

Fisher has a defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams recently of the Saints, and his search for the rest of his coaching staff as you read this. With that team in place, the Rams will turn their attention to finding a general manager. From there, it's free agency, the draft and getting ready to hit the ground running for the 2012 season. I didn't get the impression from coach Fisher's press conference that he expects 2012 to be a rebuilding year for the Rams. I hope not, after running this site through six rebuilding years, I'm a little tired of it.

With that, it seems like a good place to take the pulse of Rams Nation. How are you feeling about the moves so far? What do you expect the team to do in 2012? What about the draft and free agency? Let's hear it.