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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper Weighs In

The Hair has spoken! Will teams heed his dictums of draft wisdom, nuggets like Jimmy Clausen is the top quarterback in the 2010 draft? Mel Kiper rolled out his first 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and there's a familiar refrain for the St. Louis Rams.

Who did the hair mock to St. Louis? And is it the right call?

Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

There's a clear value question here, because I think St. Louis could leverage this position to trade down for more picks for 2012 and into the future, and then still target Blackmon perhaps a few spots later. But if the Rams can't find a dance partner for a trade, Blackmon still represents precisely what this offense needs. Sam Bradford took a step back in 2011, but he got little help, and Blackmon is a big target, a great route runner and a workaholic who could transition and learn the pro game quickly. St. Louis also could try to shore up an offensive line that took a step back, but Blackmon right now represents the top wide receiver in the draft and fills a big need for the Rams. It should be noted there are a number of teams drafting behind St. Louis that need an elite wide receiver.

There's a question to be asked here. Blackmon is good, but he doesn't look to be the same level of talent as A.J. Green or Julio Jones. And he probably shouldn't be higher on draft boards that USC OT Matt Kalil.

For as much as the Rams need the best receivers, it would be hard to pass up on a tackle like Kalil, and the Rams could use both.

What to do?