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Jeff Fisher Meeting With Hue Jackson About Rams OC Job

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The St. Louis Rams continue their search for a new offensive coordinator. On Wednesday, the team's new head coach, Jeff Fisher, held a face-to-face meeting with Hue Jackson, according to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network. It was a follow up to a phone conversation the two men had about the job previously.

Fisher officially became the Rams' head coach on Tuesday, when he signed his new five-year, $35 million contract with the team. Until that happened, Fisher's search for assistants was limited. He discussed the process at his press conference on Tuesday.

"I have options," Fisher said. "I'm in the process of interviewing. Understand this, this process had to be completed first before you start the next process. But I have some very good options, yes."

So far, the two options for the offensive coordinator job include Jackson and Brian Schottenheimer. Reports over the weekend jumped the gun, saying that Fisher would hire Schottenheimer, but that turned out not to be the case.

Fisher noted that he did not have a timetable for hiring his coaching staff, preferring instead to find the right people. "I have over the years found that patience as far as hiring coaches is better than haste," Fisher said at his news conference. "I've been able to hire coaches over the years, good coaches, taking my time. There's no timetable here. What we'll do together is we'll keep you informed as we move through the process."

Nevertheless, the sooner the Rams find an offensive coordinator, the sooner quarterback Sam Bradford can get started on learning his third offense in three years. Despite the transition, Bradford sounded confident in his ability to manage it.

"I think going through the past two years will make this transition easier," Bradford said. "I know what it's like. I know what it was like to learn an offense as a rookie, then last year having to learn (Josh) McDaniels' offense. I think both those experiences will make this easier and I'm looking forward to it."

Both Jackson and Schottenheimer have experience working with quarterbacks. Schottenheimer worked with Drew Brees and Philip Rivers as the QB coach in San Diego. His work with Mark Sanchez as the Jets' OC has played to more mixed reviews, with some believing that he did the best he could with Sanchez' limited abilities while others faulted Schottenheimer for not getting more out of the fifth overall pick in 2009.

Jackson coached Joe Flacco during his first two seasons as the Ravens' quarterback. He also has a track record with NFL wide receivers.

In a poll posted on the site two days ago, a majority of Rams fans indicated a preference for Jackson.