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Why TST Opposes SOPA

We try to avoid the political on this site, limiting our partisanship to our role as fans of the St. Louis Rams. However, we're now dealing with a matter of politics that threatens our communities and, of particular interest to me, our livelihood.

The SOPA legislation is intended to stop digital piracy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I see content from this site cut and pasted word for word on shady websites whose sole reason for existence is gaming Google Adwords. Piracy hurts the artists we enjoy, artists we want to support so that they can continue making records, movies, etc.

But there has to be a more sensible. less heavy-handed way than pulling a page out of the Gitmo Decade and threatening communities like ours.

The tech guys over at The Verge, SBNation's sister company under the Vox Media banner, have a much more in-depth argument laid out against this legislation, legislation that threatens to unconstitutional seizure of private property, something all of us, left and right, can agree is wrong.

Go read it. Then go take action right here.

Alright, back to regularly scheduled programming.