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Steve Spagnuolo On The Radar In Indianapolis?

Recently ouster St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo could be joining the ranks of the employed again soon. Several teams are interested in hiring him as a defensive coordinator, and there's speculation that he could even be a head coach candidate.

The Indianapolis Colts interviewed Spagnuolo on Monday. Ostensibly, the interview was for their defensive coordinator position. Then, the team fired head coach Jim Caldwell on Tuesday. Caldwell's dismissal surprised people, but it may have been in the offing for at least a week. Reports are that the Colts reached out to Jeff Fisher about the head coaching job before he agreed to take the job with the Rams.

Spagnuolo and the Colts' new GM, Ryan Grigson, know each other from their days together in Philadelphia. Interviewing coordinator candidates when a team is preparing to fire its head coach is unusual. Could Spagnuolo be in the running for the Colts' head coaching position? We'll see.

Spags is also getting interest from New Orleans to replace Gregg Williams, who will be the Rams next defensive coordinator.

As far as those reports that had him going back to the Eagles, well, there hasn't been much talk about that lately. I would expect that possibility to remain, but if they want Spagnuolo, they'll have to act fast.