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Random Ramsdom 1/18: Onward we march!!!


Yesterday the Rams introduced new Head Coach, Jeff Fisher. The new era has started, but much is left to accomplish. The Rams must select their new GM and begin the process of building a broken, downtrodden team back up to it's former glory. This won't be an overnight fix and fans still need to have patience for this team, but there is no doubt in my mind, the Rams are better off today then they've been in years! On to the links!!

Colts did reach out to Fisher

Before firing their head coach Jim Caldwell, the Colts did in fact reach out to Fisher to find out if he was interested. Why is this important? It proves that Fisher still believed the Rams were the best job for him.

Mike Martz is retiring

The mad scientist that created the greatest offense in the history of football has announced that he plans to retire. All the best Mike, all the best.

Kroenke on LA?

Stan Kroenke was asked about the rumors about the Rams potential relocation to Los Angeles and of course, he did his best to dodge the questions, never giving a real answer. He's smart to do so. If he gave any hint that he in no way wants to move to LA or vise versa, he would lose all leverage with both cities. We'll find out more about this situation when the city has to give a proposal about renovations to the Edward Jones Dome.

A poem for you by Brennan J Smith

A great young talented writer at Ramsherd, and one of my best Twitter buddies, Brennan Smith had a creative way to share his thoughts of Jeff Fisher to the Rams. Read and enjoy.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!