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2012 NFL Draft: rounding up the day's news

- Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick arrested for marijuana possession - This isn't like Justin Blackmon's DWI that any sensible mind in a front office will be able to rationalize; this is a player coming off of a championship, beginning his transition to the NFL by doing something with weed. I say doing something, because whether he was about to smoke it or he was selling it (and in that low quantity, that may be the worst answer) or he was just riding with a friend who had it, it's a judgment issue. The real question people will have for him at the combine is "why now?"

- Shrine Game practices are in full force - This is largely behind the curtain stuff. Does the fact that USC RB Marc Tyler had a good two-day run immediately catapult him into day 2 status? No. But saying catapult reminds me of nerdy guys who spend too much time making homemade catapults. And while I make fun of those guys, I really wish I had their handheld homemade catapults.

- Did Van get a mock on the SB Nation front page? - yes.

It's still relatively quiet on the draft front at this point, until Andrew Luck gets busted for moving a donkload of that Pyrex pure over the California border. Don't know what a donk is? Then you probably don't know what that Pyrex is for (consult your local Brad Jordan historian).

But the Shrine Game is this Saturday followed by the Senior Bowl a week from Saturday. That will help lead up to the combine in late February, so expect stuff to pick up on this front quickly.