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Sam Bradford Excited About Jeff Fisher Hire; Fisher Plans To Hire QB Coach

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St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford expressed his pleasure with his team's decision to hire Jeff Fisher at Tuesday's news conference introducing the new head coach. Bradford was in attendance with middle linebacker James Laurinaitis.

Bradford, in interviews following the press conference, said that he was excited about having Fisher on board. He also said that he was ready to start digging into the new offense as soon as possible. Bradford and Fisher talked about the process for hiring a new offensive coordinator, something that Bradford hope to happen sooner rather than later. As soon as that's done, Bradford and the new coach will get to work on the new playbook.

"Last year was not something I hope I ever go through again. It wasn't fun," Bradford said. "Especially this year having a new coach, having to learn a new offense, I'm very grateful that we will have a full offseason spent with that offense."

Bradford was optimistic, and only slightly frustrated, with having to learn his third offense in three seasons.

"Would I like to be in the same offense that I started in my rookie year going into year three? Yeah, but that's not the case," Bradford said. "I think going through the past two years will make this transition easier. I know what it's like. I know what it was like to learn an offense as a rookie, then last year having to learn (Josh) McDaniels' offense. I think both those experiences will make this easier and I'm looking forward to it"

The third-year quarterback will also have a little more help this season. Fisher said that he plans to hire a quarterbacks coach to work with Bradford, according to Jim Thomas at the Post-Dispatch.

Bradford's new coach spoke highly of the quarterback on Tuesday as well. "[2011] was difficult for him," Fisher said. "You have to look back at his success and progress in his first year. He has the chance to become a top quarterback in the National Football League very soon."

Laurinaitis expressed similar feelings about Fisher's hire, particularly the fact that he understands what it's like to be a player and his tough approach.

"He knows how to really relate to the players because he was a player. I'm excited for that," Laurinaitis said. "He's been through those battles, he's been through training camps. His training camps were probably a lot more physical than the ones due to our rules are now, but he still knows what it means to be sore. He knows what it means to go through that rigorous process so I think he's instant respect amongst the locker room.

"You need to have an identity as a football team and watching his football teams, they always have an identity of being tough, physical teams. Being on the defensive side of the ball, that's what you look forward to. I'm excited for us to hire a defensive coordinator so as soon as he gets in here I have something to do. I can study a defense and get started. I'm getting bored already."

After the jump, a couple videos with Bradford and Laurinaitis from 101ESPN ... also featuring man, myth, legend Tony Softli.