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Rams, Jeff Fisher Press Conference: Watch It Live

The St. Louis Rams will introduce Jeff Fisher, their new head coach, at a 1:00 p.m. press conference on Tuesday at Rams Park. Fisher will be on hand, his first public appearance since news broke if his decision on Friday, Jan. 13. This officially marks the first day of a new era for the St. Louis Rams.

So far, fan reaction seems to be mostly in either of two camps: 1) excited or 2) cautious acceptance. I understand the later. The hiring of Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney was supposed to represent a new chapter in the team's history, the first in a story that had them returning to greatness. And it was ... kind of.

The Rams really did progress between 2009-2011, though their record on the field obscures that. Football again became the focus of the franchise, rather than just the bottom line. The Jay Zygmunt era ended.

Draft results were mixed, but the Rams really did pick up some key building blocks in the process, including Chris Long and Sam Bradford, a quarterback that possesses the natural ability to be the franchise cornerstone his $78 million contract dictates.

Fisher's job is to put it all together, complete the story in a more focused, consistent manner and move the franchise forward, finally with the stability it's lacked for so long. Fisher's press conference can be seen live after the jump, video courtesy of the Rams PR staff.

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