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Random Ramsdom, 1/17: Hue Jackson In The Spotlight

The St. Louis Rams will interview Hue Jackson for the offensive coordinator position. Would Jackson be a good fit?
The St. Louis Rams will interview Hue Jackson for the offensive coordinator position. Would Jackson be a good fit?

It's a mostly straight line from the end of the season to where the St. Louis Rams are now, a nice, clean narrative from there to here. Spagnuolo is out, Fisher is in and he's starting to hire his coaching staff. Gregg Williams is on board as the defensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator is still up in the air, said to be between Brian Schottenheimer and Hue Jackson, a late entrant into the race. Jackson's the focus of Random Ramsdom today, since that's the big story right now.

We'll have live coverage of the 1 p.m. news conference at Rams Park to introduce Fisher today. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TurfShowTimes for live updates from the event.

Now, five links about Hue Jackson, from his hiring to the fallout over his firing.

Hue Jackson's time in Oakland has arrived - A year ago, Oakland promoted Jackson to head coach from offensive coordinator. As the OC, he doubled the team's scoring output. Al Davis himself tabbed Jackson for the job, which was probably more kiss of death than anything else. Injuries hurt the Raiders early on, putting Darren McFadden on the sidelines after a really good start and losing Jason Campbell to set up the Palmer disaster.

Oakland Raiders Thoughts: Is It Time To Turn The Page On Hue Jackson? - A day before Hue Jackson was fired, the guys over at Silver and Black Pride asked the question of whether or not the Raiders should move on from Jackson. The team lacked discipline, and Jackson had too much power, e.g. the Carson Palmer trade.

Hue Jackson says he didn't make the Palmer trade - On Monday, Hue Jackson told a San Francisco radio station that he didn't make the Palmer trade. The Palmer trade, whether he made it or not, became his signature move in Oakland. It looked an awful lot like a classic case of a new head coach getting too much power. Either way, as a coordinator, he won't be making roster moves.

Jackson's firing a product of Raiders' dysfunction - Mike Silver at Yahoo has been a big defender of Hue Jackson through his firing in Oakland. Silver claimed, with some controversial statements, that Jackson was tossed because Mark Davis felt threatened by his head coach, linking it to some Oedipal Complex.

Head Coaching Still In Jackson's Future - Here's one conundrum with hiring Hue Jackson: he could be plucked out of St. Louis for a head coaching job if he's successful in his first year. We'll see how that goes. Whoever the Rams hire as OC has his work cut out for him.

Would you rather see Jackson or Schottenheimer as the Rams' next offensive coordinator? Be sure to register your opinion in our poll on the matter.