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St. Louis Rams Will Interview Hue Jackson For Offensive Coordinator Position

A twist. Reports of the St. Louis Rams hiring Brian Scottenheimer as head coach Jeff Fisher's offensive coordinator may have been a bit premature. Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Fisher will interview deposed Raiders head coach Hue Jackson for the Rams' offensive coordinator job.

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What happened? What kind of offense does Jackson run? Would he be a fit here?

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network reported on Sunday that the Rams would hire Schottenheimer for the job. He interviewed with Fisher on Sunday, and many national media figures said that it was all but official. For what it's worth, Mortensen noted in a later Tweet that Schottenheimer was still seen as the favorite. That can change, of course.

Jackson's tenure in Oakland was a strange one. In the vacuum of power following Al Davis' death, he oversaw the trade for Carson Palmer, sending a first- and a second-round pick for the declining quarterback. The Raiders collapsed down the stretch.

As an offensive coordinator and position coach, both for quarterbacks and receivers, Jackson's track record was much better. He was the Ravens' QB coach for Joe Flacco's first two seasons with the team.

Jackson is known for his boisterous ways. Yelling, clapping and cursing through a practice session. That kind of energy would be appreciated at Rams Park.

As for what kind of offense he runs, he's not a doctrinaire guy, which is to say you can't pigeon hole him as a West Coast or Air Coryell type. He does believe in passing the football. In Cincinnati as a receivers coach, Chad Ochocinco, then simply Chad Johnson, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh thrived. He is also the man that finally got results of noted draft bust Darius Heyward-Bey.

He isn't afraid to stretch the field. The play-action pass is a staple of his offenses. He also diversified the running game in Oakland.

If the Schottenheimer news underwhelmed Rams fans, the possibility of Jackson calling the plays should spark a more positive reaction.