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Rams hire Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator

You remember how the Rams were quiet, during Fisher watch? Well now they are in the news again, less than 24 hours after hearing that the Rams would hire Brian Schottenheimer as their new offensive coordinator. It is being reported by Jason La Canfora that the Rams will hire Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator. So it turns out that the rumors of Williams joining Jeff Fisher were true.

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Gregg Williams will bring in a blitzing philosophy to the St. Louis Rams. I also hear that he will use players to drop back often as well.

Things are getting interesting in St. Louis. Jeff Fisher is bringing in a star staff with him. While Greg Williams didn't leave the Saints in great fashion, allowing 36 points against the 49ers, can't be something to be proud of as your last game, the Rams will be happy to have him.

Also, Jason La Confora, just said on NFL Network that Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams sons could end up being apart of the coaching staff. Just something to keep an eye on.

Here is Ryan's take on Gregg Williams joining the Rams.

Also, here is Ralph Malbrough on why Gregg Williams wasn't to blame on the Saints last drive.