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Rams hire Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator

According to Michael Lombardi of, the St. Louis Rams will hire former NY Jets offensive coordinator to the same position on the Rams.

Schotty was one of the biggest names on the market for offensive coordinators. He's a young offensive mind who runs an offense more Josh McDaniels like than Pat Shurmer like.

He is a controversial hire for many reasons.

First off, many wanted the Rams to return to the West Coast offense as they think it fits Sam Bradford's skill set.

Also, his results with the Jets were inconsistent and at times, he passed the ball way too much. He became enemy number one for Jets fans this season.

Many are also upset because this will be Bradford's third offensive system in as many NFL years and this trend may continue.

Schotty is definitely a guy that will be a head coach in the NFL and if he has great success with Bradford and the Rams, that will happen sooner rather than later. This will again lead to another offensive system for Bradford.

Overall, the hire is again another statement by the Rams. He was the biggest name out there and the Rams, just like with Jeff Fisher, were able to sign him. The Rams now have a star studded staff with the news that the Rams will hire Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator and now Brain Schottenheimer under the leadership of Jeff Fisher. Undoubtedly, a new era has started in St. Louis.