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Texans Vs. Ravens, NFL Playoffs 2012: Game Thread

The NFL playoffs continue today. In the first game, the Baltimore Ravens host the Houston Texans in the AFC Divisional round. The St. Louis Rams played the Ravens this season in Week 4, getting thoroughly pounded in a game that featured rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith getting behind the Rams secondary three times for a touchdown.

Of course, the Rams didn't have a cornerback like Johanthan Joseph, who might have been the best free agent pick up in the NFL last season. Obviosuly, the Baltimore defense had little trouble with the Rams offense.

If you like defense, this is the game for you ... now watch both teams rack up 30 points each. Houston's defense has been the best kept secret in the NFL, while Baltimore's has been exactly what you expected it to be.

There were rumors today that a Super Bowl win could be enough for living legend Ray Lewis to call it a career. We'll see.

Enjoy the game.