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Jeff Fisher To Meet With Brian Schottenheimer Sunday Night About Rams OC Job

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On Saturday it was reported that former New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Scottenheimer was a person of interest to Jeff Fisher for the St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator job. Now, Adam Schefter is reporting that Fisher will meet with Schottenheimer on Sunday night to discuss the job.

Of course, that interview might be happening over a few beers today in Tennessee, according to an on-air Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network. Afternoon, evening, whatever, it's clear that Schottenheimer is interviewing with Fisher at some point on Sunday.

The Post-Dispatch first reported the Schottenheimer news on Saturday. We took a quick look at the scheme preferences of the Air Coryell disciple in this post. Needless to say, he prefers the more complex variety of offensive as opposes to the more conservative style of the West Coast Offense.

With Fisher as head coach, Schottenheimer would have a nice set of check and balances, keeping his offense from getting too Mike Martz-like. Another thing that should be said about Schottenheimer is that he has a history of adapting to the players. Contrast that to Josh McDaniels who frustrated fans by trying to pound square pegs into round holes for his offense.