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Gregg Williams To St. Louis; Steve Spagnuolo A Candidate In New Orleans, Atlanta

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Saturday's loss to the San Francisco 49ers probably wasn't what Gregg Williams had hoped for in his last game as the New Orleans Saints' defensive coordinator. Touchdown drives of 80+ yards in the last four minutes against Alex Smith capped off what's otherwise been a pretty successful run with the Saints. Williams will, in all likelihood, be joining Jeff Fisher with the St. Louis Rams, replacing Ken Flajole as the defensive coordinator.

There are some key differences, and, for once, the Rams might have some advantages over the Saints in terms of defensive personnel.

There's already been some 140-character outbursts of complaint on Twitter about Williams coming to St. Louis after yesterday's game. New Orleans isn't loaded with talent on their defense. In fact, every Rams starter on the defensive line grades higher than the Saints front four according to the regular season grades from Pro Football Focus. All of the Saints' linebackers graded negatively. Compare Jonathan Vilma's -19.0 overall score with James Laurinaitis' 5.6 overall score.

My point: Gregg Williams comes to St. Louis already having better talent to work with than he did this season in New Orleans.

Here's Williams expressing his disappointment by kicking a stray football in yesterday's game.



Speaking of the Rams' defense, former defensive coordinator, er, head coach Steve Spagnuolo is said to be a candidate to replace Williams in New Orleans, along with Mike Nolan, according to Adam Schefter. Spagnuolo is also said to be in the running for the Falcons' DC job. As for reports that Spags will head back to Philly, that could still happen as well.