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Stan Kroenke Gets His Man

In the months ahead, the ten days Jeff Fisher used to make his decision between the head coaching jobs with the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams will be mostly forgotten. I suspect it will come up when the Rams, who eventually landed Fisher, play the Dolphins in 2012, but by and large it will fade from the collective memory. Something that shouldn't be forgotten is a last-minute "persuasive" phone call from Stan Kroenke to Fisher, as reported by Bernie Miklasz on Twitter tonight.

Throughout the decline and fall of the Spagnuolo regime and the Fisher sweepstakes, fans took to Twitter and talk radio to bemoan Kroenke's silent moniker. Kroenke isn't going to be in the press very often; it's not his style. And that's fine. This move proves he's a committed owner that wants to win, rather than just extract profit from his team. This was a revealing moment for how Kroenke plans to run his team, and fans should be pleased with what they saw.

Miklasz, a noted friend of this site, also revealed some information about the arrangements for Jeff Fisher's role with the Rams. Predictions of total power grab have been greatly overstated. According to Miklasz, Fisher just wanted to coach, have trusted leaders in the scouting and personnel side as well as a say in the hiring of a new GM.

Obviously such an arrangement would give Fisher tremendous pull on the decisions being made, but it's hardly czarist. It actually sounds like a pretty healthy setup, gone are the days of football leaders meddling in the non-football part of things.

A leak about his decision from the Dolphins confirmed Fisher's feeling that he made the right decision.

Miklasz is writing his piece for Saturday, and I suspect he'll shed even more light on the information. It will be a must-read.