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Jeff Fisher: "Rams Are The Best Fit For Me"

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Jeff Fisher decided to become the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams today. He also broke his media silence, at least media silence in his direct contact with the press as opposed to leaking info via sources. He spoke highly of the team he'll lead this season in an interview with the Post-Dispatch.

I'm really excited that the Rams are the best fit for me. I hope I'm the best fit for the Rams, and am looking forward to finalizing the (contract) details and coming to work.

Fisher actually reached his decision on Thursday, letting Rams owner Stan Kroenke know then. It's a remarkable testament to the Rams' ability to keep the pipework at Rams Park and elsewhere leak free.

Fisher that the deliberation period gave him time to explore the "non-economic factors" of each destination, which you can interpret to include how much control he would have, the state of each franchise, etc.

The Rams have yet to make an official statement, which should be coming shortly. A press conference introducing Fisher should follow sometime thereafter. Jim Thomas also notes in his story that the Rams brass were in route to San Francisco for an interview with Saints running game coach Aaron Kromer.

News of Fisher's decision came from Miami sources. The Dolphins told Fisher that they needed his decision by Friday.