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Just How Much Control Will Jeff Fisher Have With The Rams?

After days of waiting and public dancing over the various issues Jeff Fisher made his decision to become the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams. Details about the arrangements and the reason's for Fisher's decision have yet to emerge, but we're starting to get a clearer picture of things. Naturally, it has much to do with Fisher's level of power within the organization.

According to Mike Silver, the Dolphins, specifically owner Stephen Ross, would not grant Fisher more power or even equal power over GM Jeff Ireland. Reading the context clues, it should be apparent that Fisher did garner considerable sway within the Rams organization, which was really what the jockeying was about these last few days.

FWIW, the Dolphins reportedly feel "used" by Fisher.

When Fisher's name first emerged as a leading candidate, it was known that the Rams would consider first-time GMs for the position, an up-and-comer that would work with Fisher, rather than report to Fisher, on scouting, the draft and personnel moves.

Just how much control Fisher gets in St. Louis remains to be seen Obviously, he's getting enough to make him take the job here rather than in South Beach.

As we mentioned earlier today, the hiring of Jeff Fisher fits with how Stan Kroenke runs his other giant sports enterprise, the Arsenal of the English Premier League. That team is headed by Arsene Wegner, who plays a comparable role to that of coach and GM.