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Why Jeff Fisher should select the St Louis Rams

It's Friday and again we are in waiting mode. Jeff Fisher is supposed to have an answer for everyone today as to who he'd rather coach, Miami or St Louis, but it wouldn't surprise me if we hear that Monday would be the day. I hope not, but I would NOT be surprised.

Before I start into the article, I wanted to let you know about an excellent piece by a guest author here at TST who is a Dolphins fan giving his perspective as to why Fisher should choose the Dolphins.

Because of that, I wanted to give my two cents as to why he should choose the Rams over Miami. Once again, I like Jeff Fisher, but I won't be completely heart broken if he chooses South Beach. The only thing I would dislike about that would be the talented assistant coaches we would lose because it's been said he already has his assistant coaches locked in... and one could very well be the Saints DC Greg Williams.

Note from VT: It appears I'm taking a little heat.. check out this excellent piece from a fellow TST member JTPirate who is arguing against Fisher coming to the Lou. Please know that my post is one that explains why St Louis would be a wise choice for Fisher, NOT about how Fisher would be what's best for the Rams.

At any rate, after the jump i'll give you my take as to why the Fish man should choose the Lou...

These are in no particular order:

1. Quarterback - Even "Chupathingy" (guest author on the Miami piece) admits the Rams have the edge here. Plain and simple the Dolphins need to address the QB position, which I might add is not an easy chore. As a matter of fact, the Rams own the #2 spot in next years draft and there's a good chance someone will trade up to get RG3. Could that be Miami? Of course. However it will come with a heavy price, and with Cleveland in the mix, it could be a HEFTY price. The Rams however are set for a decade or more. Of course Sam had a horrible year last year, but injuries, learning a new system, and being a tackling dummy behind a less than par offensive line definitely made him look a lot worse. Sam is a real talent and can take the Rams to the promise land when surrounded by the right coaching staff and alumni. I have no doubt in that. Advantage, Rams

2. The Draft - As stated above, the draft goes through St Louis this year. With Peyton Manning's future questionable, and let's face it, he's not getting any younger, the Colts are all but sure of selecting Andrew Luck with the number one pick. That leaves the Rams at #2 and they hold the key to the ultimate consolation prize, RG3. With Cam Newton's success last season, RG3's stock has definitely risen, and the Rams are sure to trade out with Cleveland (or someone else?) for several additional picks, and they could STILL land WR Blackmon. Not too shabby. This alone adds tremendous value to the table. Advantage, Rams

3. The Media - Now let's get something straight, i'm not saying Miami Media is like say... the Eagles media. What I am saying is, the Miami fans and media are going to want results NOW not in a year or two. And while the Rams fans and media would love to get results NOW as well, I think if the Rams have a year of struggle but see progression, I think they would be a bit more forgiving. But hey, it's not like the Rams are depleted of talent either. The Rams have major cornerstones in place particularly on defense (Long, Animal Jr) so a turnaround may not take as long as one may think! Advantage, Rams

4. Climate - "Huh? Wait VT.. are you telling me St Louis weather is better than Miami?" No, of course not. I'm talking about climate on game day. Let me explain. While Miami is warm, the Rams play in a dome so it's a wash. Actually, it would be an advantage to Rams really... playing inside without rain or wind 8 times a year? Hell yea! Also, the Rams take yearly trips to SF and ARI, so there's 10 warm weather games right there. The Dolphins have to travel to NE, NYJ, BUF (more often than not) in late NOV or DEC. Have you been to buffalo in December? So i'll give the edge to Miami for living climate, but to the Rams for playing climate. And since we're talking about football here, Advantage, Rams.

5. Opponents - This is a no brainer. Who would you rather play.. SEA, ARI, SF or NE, NYJ, BUF? OK Buffalo is no juggernaut but they are definitely better than ARI or SEA in my opinion.

So there you have it.... sound off below if you agree, or disagree.