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Random Ramsdom, January 13th: Still on Fisher Watch!


I'm fed up beyond belief with the "Fisher Watch!" He needs to make a decision already so we can move on. Jim Thomas expects that decision to come today, but the decision was supposed to come Monday, then Tuesday and then Thursday at the latest. At this rate, I'll be shocked if the decision comes today or ever. Let's just get to the links shall we?

Rams biggest need talent

Thanks for your great and thoughtful insight Bernie Miklasz. I see why your paid the big bucks!! All kidding aside, Bernie brings up some very good points and I recommend a read.

Rams to interview Saints' offensive line coach, Aaron Kromer

Sean Peyton fully endorses him for the job and he will likely be one of the many in the running if the Rams cannot attain Jeff Fisher's services over the Dolphins.

Rams complete interviews with Rob Chudzinski and Dennis Allen

Stan Kroenke completed his interviews with these two who are both candidates. All of the Rams candidates outside of Jeff Fisher are coordinators, so if the Rams don't get Fisher, Stan is likely to hire a first time HC.

Fisher Watch

Here's your update from ESPN. Adam Schefter, said that a source close to Fisher said...

"This is not about money," the source said. "This is not about negotiating. This is about winning."

No one - and I mean no one - believes that BS for a second. It doesn't take a week to decide which team you think is more likely to win? It's ALL about negotiating and money! It's pissing me off!

Anyways, that's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!