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Latest on Fisher from Adam Schefter, decision in 24 hours

Yup, I know what you're thinking, and I'm tired of all the Jeff Fisher information too. This should be coming to an end on Friday. However, if everything from this interview Adam Schefter had with Sid Rosenberg, a Miami sports radio jock, is true, it will help you understand this long and boring process.

I'm not going to quote everything, from this 24 minute interview, but I will try to hit the main points.

Adam says:

There is no decision, because Jeff wants to make sure, that the situation is exactly how he wants it. The trainers, budgets, the payroll, but this should be over in 24 hours.

That's interesting, he wants a lot, but why hasn't a contract been offered?

Adam then said:

Nobody made an offer, because no one has to make an offer, because if you're Jeff Fisher, you can call "the Dolphins owner" and say I wanna coach Miami, how hard will it be to get a contract done. He then goes to say the money part is the easiest thing to get done.

More after the jump.

Most surprising thing, is that Adam got mad, when Sid kept talking about the money. and how much Fisher would make. Adam got mad and said " it has nothing to do with money"

Adam said

Fisher wants to sit down and think about everything. It's not all about the money and the quarterback.

Adam said

he would still give a slight advantage to the Miami Dolphins.

It seems like Jeff Fisher wants more power than the Rams old head coach had. He wants to make sure he can control the 53 man roster. And be able to fire who he wants to fire.

Adam also said

that Fisher already has his staff in place.

That is interesting, because if the Rams were to get another rookie coach, they would also get rookie coordinators.

Adam said:

Most likely if Fisher gets hired in St. Louis, he will hire his own GM.

That isn't a big shocker.

After that interview, I wouldn't count the Rams out of the sweepstakes, but after what happened last time the Rams gave a head coach all this power, I hope that they look at the other potential head coaches, before they agree to Jeff Fisher if he calls.

If you want to listen to the whole interview, here you go: