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Jeff Fisher: It's The Winning, Stupid

Consider me officially tired of the Jeff Fisher waiting game. Yes, I still think that he'd be the best option to coach the St. Louis Rams, but incessant leaking of endless minutia is getting tedious. Consider the latest report from Adam Schefter, via a "source close to Fisher."

That source said that neither team has made an offer to Fisher. Either the Rams and Dolphins are incredibly stupid (very possible), or Jeff Fisher and his people don't know what an offer is, maybe not even the what the definition of "is" is if you really want to put this thing into its proper post-modern context.

That doesn't square with what another source said last night, that the Fins have an $8 million offer on the table for Fisher. All three parties would be incredibly stupid to not know what a ballpark offer is for the head coach. The only negotiations that haven't begun are the finer points of a contract, how many red M&Ms he gets in his office, stripper budgets and that sort of thing.

Schefter's source also said this: "This is not about money. This is not about negotiating. This is about winning."

Yeah, no shit. Both teams sure appear willing to take whatever rational course it take to land the guy, so that HE can lead a winning team with support from the franchise. In Miami, Fisher and the Dolphins will be playing second fiddle to the Patriots and a Jets team willing to do whatever it takes to build a dynasty. In the NFC West, it's a more wide open playing field.

Absurd. Fascinating to follow, but absurd.