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2011 Rams season review: Rookie grades

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The Rams rookie class came in this year with a lot of hype, but for the most part, they didn't live up to it. On a whole, the class underperformed, and that was one of the problems that contributed to the firing of General Manger Billy Devanney. There was some shining moments for some of the rookies though, such as Robert Quinn blocking a punt against the Saints, but there was a lack of consistency from the rookies in 2011.

Robert Quinn: B+

Robert Quinn had a very impressive rookie campaign if you consider the fact that he didn't play football his senior season at North Carolina due to a NCAA suspension. He recored 5 sacks coming off the bench behind James Hall and he got his hands on three punts, though only one was ruled a block. He was rewarded with more playing time toward the end of the year and even a few starts. He looked very explosive off the line for the Rams and is a candidate for a breakout season in 2012.

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Lance Kendricks: F

There is no way you can try to sugar coat his season, it was horrible. He started off with a very productive preseason and expectations were high, but that's all they proved to be...expectations. He was rarely targeted in the regular season and when he was, he had a major case of the dropsies. He finished the year with 28 catches for 352 yards, but no TDs. Not the production that is needed out a 2nd round pick. He still has a lot of potential and with a full offseason he could improve his game.

Austin Pettis: D-

Pettis had a very up and down season. He started off poorly and also like Kendricks had a case of the dropsies He seemed to be lost on an NFL field in some situations. He did bounce back a little bit and had a few nice games later in the year. He even showed flashes of what the Rams hope he can develop into. He finished with 27 catches for 256 yards with no TDs. With two games left in the season, Austin Pettis tested positives for PEDs and was suspended for the last two games of his rookie year and the first two games in 2012. The Rams also tried to use him at punt returner and that was a complete failure.

Gregg Salas: C+

He had almost identical stats to Pettis, 27 catches for 264 yards, but one difference, he only played in 6 games due to a broken leg. He looked to be a more raw, but bigger version of Danny Amendola. Who knows how good his season would of been if he hadn't broken his leg? I'm excited to see him back in the lineup next season.

Jermale Hines: N/A

He was released by the Rams before the season and was picked up by the Colts.

Mikail Baker: N/A

Out for the year due to an hamstring injury in training camp. He was given an injury settlement and released.

Jabara Williams: N/A

He never played for the Rams, but he was on the roster for part of the season until he was controversially released and then picked up by the Bears.

Jonathan Nelson: N/A

He was released by the Rams and picked up by Carolina.

Ben Guidugli: Incomplete

He had an impressive preseason and the Rams decided to put him on the practice squad. He is a guy to watch out for going into next season.

Jake McQuaide: A+

He didn't miss a snap all season as long snapper. Nothing to complain about there.

Overall, the Rams rookies really stubbled this year on the whole. They still have a lot of potential and could develop into great players, but that remains to be seen.

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