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Stan Kroenke Unwilling To Pay Jeff Fisher? Last-Minute Leverage Games?

All day Wednesday, it was reported that Jeff Fisher was leaning toward the Miami Dolphins over the St. Louis Rams. The reason cited most often were Fisher's concerns about the Rams potential relocation. It may be simpler than that, it may be more about money and power.

According to a report from the NFL Network, Rams owner Stan Kroenke has yet to display a willingness to make Fisher one of the highest paid coaches in the league, something that would require a salary around $7 million per year. The Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross may be willing to give Fisher something closer to $8 million per season.

Fisher is also likely to be named an executive vice president of whichever team that hires him. That title would put him higher up the food chain than the general manager. He's said to prefer the organizational structure of the Dolphins, but it isn't clear why since he'd have the title to run the show almost any way he wants.

Now that salary numbers are being thrown out and a decision has yet to be made, it certainly looks as though there's a leverage game going on here, even in the absence of any formal contract negotiations.

Concerns about a potential move are still cited as a factor in Fisher's thinking, but there could even be some maneuvering on that front.

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