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Jeff Fisher: Undecided, Leaning Miami, Decision By Thursday Morning

The final word on Jeff Fisher is exactly what it was this morning: he remains undecided between the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. On a day filled with breathless speculation about which team Fisher will pick, Don Banks at sums it up.

And we ask what happens if Fisher say no to the Rams.

Fisher sees great opportunities with both organizations, though Banks echoes the talk that Fisher leans toward the Dolphins. The quarterback situation makes no difference. Fisher reportedly sees potential in the Dolphins' Matt Moore as well as the chance to get another QB there.

Banks says that Fisher went to both teams earlier this week with specific concerns, and the possibility of moving to Los Angeles was one of the issues impacting his thinking with regards to joining the Rams. Banks notes that it is unknown whether or not potential relocation could be the deciding factor.

Fisher is expected to make a decision by Thursday morning and possibly Wednesday night. Sources with both teams are saying that they have no idea on Fisher's decision.

Either way, the Rams, and the Dolphins, have to start considering their next steps. St. Louis interviewed Cardinals DC Ray Horton last week. They have Saints running game coach Aaron Kromer, Panthers OC Ron Chudzinski and Denver DC Dennis Allen on the docket for interviews as well.

All of those guys are well respected for what they've done, but none of them have been head coaches in the NFL. Why does it matter? Because Fisher's approach to running a team, which matters more than his actual record, is well known. The team that hires Fisher knows exactly what they're getting. They know how he'll go about setting up a team, working with players and maximizing the value of all 53 guys on the roster. He's the kind of head coach that provides a wayward franchise like the Rams with a solid foundation, the kind of foundation that would likely be in place for another decade. That's the kind of stability the Rams so desperately need.

If Fisher does decline, will that change the Rams plans? Will they shift their focus to a more established GM candidate, making that person more responsible for the football side of things? They'd have to if they brought in a rookie head coach, since too much power seems to be the kiss of death, even for seemingly smart, team-focused guys like Steve Spagnuolo.

Could they open up the wallet and try to convince one of the other prime head coaching candidates to jump into the fold? Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher seem committed to the broadcasting life. Marty Schottenheimer? He's said to be close to a deal with Tampa Bay. There aren't many other head coaching candidates out there with long resumes.