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Parsing The Latest Speculation On Jeff Fisher

Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun Sentinel has an interesting take on the Jeff Fisher situation and the leaks coming out that he's leaning toward Florida based on the Rams' lease situation. Berardino's opinion gets back to that idea of the negotiations playing out in public. Leaking concerns about relocation could be a good way to get some assurances from the team built into the contract. All of it is still firmly in the realm of speculation.

By leaking the notion that Fisher is leaning toward Miami based on the Rams possible relocation, Fisher could get a bump in salary should the team move. More importantly, he might get some say in how the move takes place, even if it is a long shot, so as to prevent the kind of disruption he went through when the Oilers left Houston for Tennessee.

It could also be a means of guaranteeing his say in the shape and structure of the new front office, which is something that interesting to consider in light of the leaks saying Fisher feels like the Dolphins have a better organizational structure in place. Here's Berardino:

This idea that Fisher "feels more comfortable with the structure in place" with the Dolphins makes little sense. He'd be inheriting a sitting GM in Miami, albeit one he's known to some extent since Jeff Ireland's youth, and unless we're all missing something, Fisher wouldn't be handed final say in personnel decisions.

That's really the most astounding thing to hear coming out of this. The Rams are starting with a blank slate, and Kroenke's pretty clear in his hands-off approach as an owner, so long as the results are there. Fisher has a blank check in St. Louis, and includes the quarterback situation.

If Fisher really isn't enamored with Sam Bradford, he would have the option of finding someone else, including Robert Griffin III with the Rams' second overall pick in the draft. Of course, Bradford's salary makes it hard for the Rams to start any other quarterback in 2012, nor should they, since he's still packed with lots of untapped potential and one year removed from having proven himself in the kind of ball control offense Fisher is known to prefer. Could Bradford be a sticking point?

At this point, I'm as dubious of any report not straight out of Fisher's mouth. All the talk, to me, is just an indication that something else is playing out here. Fisher knows he's going to make a lot of money in either city. Any back and forth at this point is about the other issues that maybe aren't listed clearly on the verbal offer sheet.

And then there's always the simpler possibility that the media is just latching onto talk, chit chat leaking out over backyard conversations in the gated communities of Nashville.

Is you head spinning? Mine too. Take solace that we'll know for sure soon enough.