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Todd Haley: Worth a Look by the St. Louis Rams?

Why haven't the St. Louis Rams interviewed former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley? Say what you want about Haley, and his occasional ranty behavior, but the man knows football.

His record as a head coach over 3 years is a vanilla 19 wins versus 26 losses but, if you look closer, I think you'll find a coach that has done a decent job building a good team that was decimated by injuries in 2011. What I like most about Haley is how he responded to the loss of key players during the year. Many teams would have given up after the Chiefs' early season debacles (they lost their first two games by a total score of 89 to 10), losing their top running back Jamaal Charles, safety Eric Berry and starting quarterback Matt Cassel. Haley coached a team that everyone basically wrote off after week #2 of the NFL season, and made them competitive down the stretch before being eliminated in week #16.

The downside of Haley: He is an emotionally driven coach ( a la Rex Ryan) that oft times overshadows his genuine football knowledge, and he appears to have trouble working with others at times (see Scott Pioli).

Whatever knock you may have with Todd Haley, no one can say he isn't a pure football guy that possesses an almost obsessive work ethic and a thorough knowledge of the game.