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2012 NFL Mock Draft: All-Rams Mock (With a Trade!)

Misleading photo. We in no way take Justin Blackmon in this mock. Does anyone even read the caption? I had sex with your mother last night. Also, we don't take Justin Blackmon in this mock. Did I mention that? I did? Okay cool.
Misleading photo. We in no way take Justin Blackmon in this mock. Does anyone even read the caption? I had sex with your mother last night. Also, we don't take Justin Blackmon in this mock. Did I mention that? I did? Okay cool.

I'm going to be honest.

A lot of you are not going to agree with this mock. Some of you might not like the players. Some of you just enjoy disagreeing with me. Some of you may disagree with the the value of the trade, or who I have us taking in the first round. Some of you may disagree with the potential head-cases I take in rounds two and four. Some of you think we need to address certain positions higher than I addressed them.

We all have our different opinions. I would like to remind you all, however, that we can all agree on one thing. Skip Bayless is an asshole.

Hit the jump for the mock draft and the trade.

TRADE: The Rams trade the number two overall pick in 2012 to Washington for the Redskins' first, second, third, and fifth round picks in 2012 and the redskins' first round pick in 2013.

1 (from Redskins): David Decastro, OG, Stanford: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you didn't see that one coming, did you people who only looked at the picture and didn't read the caption? I know some of you are saying "but Josh, a guard at number six overall is ridiculously high, and you suck". And I would have agreed with you, except the new rookie cap allows for teams to take players that they wouldn't normally feel comfortable taking because they don't have to pay a rookie at a less important position all-pro money. Oh and also, I don't suck and how dare you suggest that.

2: Mohammed Sanu, WR, Rutgers: Sanu has that number-receiver ability you all crave like Skip Bayless craves Tebow's private parts. Sanu has good size (6'2, 215) and he's pretty much the only reliable option on Rutgers' offense. Bradford would love this pick almost as much as Skip Bayless loves Tim Tebow.

2 (from Redskins): Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State: Some people may disagree with this pick by saying that Burfict has the potential to be an even bigger douche than Skip Bayless, but I assure you, no one has that potential. Burfict has more potential than any other linebacker in this class, and I think that a top 10 talent is worth a shot in the second round. With Laurinaitis making sure he doesn't do anything stupid on or off the field, I think he'll be just fine. (I'm done with the Skip Bayless jokes by the way, I think that's enough- No wait, one more, Skip Bayless is a talentless douchebag whose only job is to shock people by saying stupid things on TV, and he has no soul. Okay, now I'm done.)

3: Casey Heyward, CB, Vanderbilt: Heyward is a playmaking corner, and the Rams desperately need playmakers in the secondary. He did a good job defending Alshon Jeffery, and he's shown the ability to at the very least be a reliable number two corner.

3 (from Redskins): Ka'waan Short, DT, Purdue: Short provides some much needed talent at DT to help free up Long and Quinn to rush from the outside. Short has shown flashes of brilliance (a three sack game against my Buckeyes), and would be the perfect fit for the 4-3 under tackle that we need.

4: Donte Paige-Moss, DE, UNC: Moss was considered a first round pick before the season, and then the UNC coaching staff put him behind sophomore Kareem Martin, and potential top-10 pick Quinton Coples. He has some character concerns, but I think at this point in the draft, it's worth the risk to add another first round talent to a defense that already oozes potential with the additions of Burfict, Heyward, and Short.

5 (from Redskins): Brett Roy, DT, Nevada: Another defensive lineman? Yes. Roy is undersized (280 pounds) but at the very least he's a disruptive tackle (9.5 sacks on the season). He should step in and be a valuable part of the DT rotation.

6: Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR/PR, Florida: I'm choosing Rainey for two reasons. One is for his incredible ability to make a difference on special teams with blocked punts and returns, and the other is for his Sprolesish potential has a backup to Steven Jackson.

7: Grant Garner, C, Oklahoma State: Garner has done a phenomenal job in pass protection for Weeden this season, and while he has limited upside, he should be a solid backup and a good pass protector in the NFL. Being only 290 pounds, he could stand to gain some weight, but I don't think that will be a problem for him because all indications are that he has a good work ethic.

7 (from Browns): Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State: Moore is probably not going to end up being a starting caliber player. I do however, think he could make an excellent backup, and I at least think he's going to be better than AJ Feeley, so there you go.

I like this draft because it gives Bradford the best guard prospect to come along in quite awhile, and it also gives him two solid weapons to play with. The defensive line gets three players with a ton of pass rushing talent, and Laurinaits finally gets another linebacker to help take the pressure off of himself. The secondary gets a playmaking corner that should be able to capitalize on all of the hurried throws that opposing QB's will make while being rushed by our suddenly fearsome line. Hit me up in the comments with what ya'll think.