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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III Is Going Pro, Let The Trade Talk Begin

The St. Louis Rams got some good news today, albeit news that was widely expected. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III will inform his coach at Baylor of his intention to head to the NFL this year.

The Colts have done everything but legally lock down Andrew Luck as the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That makes Griffin this year's consolation prize, and a very good one at that. For all the doubts and questions heaped upon Cam Newton last spring, Griffin is being showered with adulation for his cannon arm, pinpoint accuracy and elite athleticism.

What exactly does this mean for the Rams?

While his decision to enter the draft comes as no surprise, it makes official the possibility that the Rams can swap their second pick to one of those teams in need of a quarterback in a move that would fetch a bonanza of additional draft picks, an instant turnaround, just add water.

A mock draft out recently from Andrew Perloff at supposed just such a scenario, one in which the Cleveland Browns trade their two first rounders and more to the Rams. In that situation, Perloff sees the Rams drafting Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon with the fourth pick and North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins with the 22nd pick, which the Browns picked up in the Julio Jones trade last year.

Jenkins is a character risk that I'd be willing to take, one that the previous administration would have avoided because he got a misdemeanor pot possession charge while playing at Florida.

They might also consider an offensive lineman with that pick.

But here's another consideration that you should brace yourself for: the Rams don't trade down or they trade with someone else who can't deliver two first round picks.

It was hinted at in a report out of Cleveland that the Browns might be looking to trade down. Yes, trade down again. Maybe it's just keeping their options open, but it's entirely possible.

There's also the possibility that some team might swing a deal with the Vikings, who pick third. Plenty of possibilities to consider here.