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Random Ramsdom, 1/10: Waiting For Fisher

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

Jeff Fisher is still picking his next coaching destination. The St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins are both proceeding with backup plan should they be the ones jilted.

9:10 Am EST - Update by VT: John Clayton just reported on Mike and Mike in the Morning that Jeff Fisher is likely to select the Rams even though Miami will be throwing the checkbook at him. This is mostly because of the situation in St. Louis (Bradford, draft, power etc). He also stated Miami is in serious backup plan mode right now, compared to the Rams. I would also like to report that Jeff Fisher is likely to eat and use the restroom multiple times today. Just sayin'.

A heaping helping of news for you...

Deadline looms on plan for Dome improvements - Three weeks. In the three weeks, Feb. 1, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission has to present a plan to the Rams for improvements to the Dome, to get it in line with that vague "top tier" clause. The Rams can counter offer, due by May 1, and the two sides can then go to arbitration, which can go through the end of the year.

Rams interview first GM candidate - Just to underscore how much faster stuff moves on the internet new cycle than reality, the Rams interviewed Eagles Director of Player Personnel Ryan Grigson on Monday, the first GM candidate they have interviewed. They have eight GM candidates they are known to be interested in for the vacancy.

Why Jeff Fisher Should Choose The Rams (And Vice Versa) - Will at Rams Herd make the case for why the Rams are a better landing spot for Jeff Fisher.

Robert Quinn is being sued - St. Louis Rams rookie Robert Quinn is being sued by his former agent, Carl Carey, who claims that he's owed his fee of Quinn's first round contract. Carey says that Quinn fired him before signing a deal, after he boosted his draft stock to what it was.

Browns could trade down in 2012 NFL Draft - Wait, it's not supposed to happen this way. The Browns are supposed to trade up. Don't get your panties in a bunch, it's all talk at this point, but don't be surprised is Cleveland does not want to trade with the Rams for the right to draft RG3.

Alabama Leaves No Doubt: LSU Mauled In BCS Championship, 21-0 - Did you see it? The BCS Championship was a game for the ages, worth the wait. Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw won the MVP award, along with quarterback A.J. McCarron. Upshaw will probably be making his money in a 3-4, but he could be stud linebacker on the weakside in the 4-3 ... a long way from the days of the Rams trying to cheap out on the linebackers. He's a first round pick.