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Rams to Interview Broncos DC Dennis Allen for Vacant Head Coaching Position

Jeff Fisher! Wait, hold the phone. No Jeff Fisher? In an article about the vacant Rams HC position? Is that even allowed? is that even possible!? Apparently, it is.

According to Jim Thomas (through PFT), Dennis Allen, defensive coordinator of the Broncos, team of the most glorious QB that ever existed, will be interviewing with the Rams this Thursday for the open HC position. Since Jeff Fisher hasn't made an announcement yet on where he'd like to go, it only seems logical that the Rams would go ahead and interview more than just Jeff Fisher and Ray Horton.

Given the fact that both Horton and Allen are new defensive coordinators, it would seem that the chances of them beating out the big Fish are slim to none, unless he opts to swim with the Dolphins. Football Outsiders ranked the Broncos defense as 19th overall this year (Allen's only year as DC), with the lowest variance (meaning they were incredibly average). Still, the Mile High D has some impressive young players, most notably linebacker Von Miller, who had 11.5 sacks this year.

Fisher said he'd be making a decision either today or tomorrow, so be sure to check out TST for the most up-to-date news on the Rams coaching situation!