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NFL Rumors: Rams Have No Plans To Draft A QB

Despite all the crazy talk and the very logical push back, the rumor mill refuses to kill off talk of the St. Louis Rams possibly drafting a quarterback with either the first or second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and trading Sam Bradford. Thank God for the 24-hour news cycle, no? Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network reported Sunday morning that the Rams have told Bradford's representatives that they have no plans to draft a quarterback.

Of course, the people in the St. Louis Rams front office telling Bradford's representatives that could be out next week. A new front office means changes, though it still seems unlikely that the team, regardless of who's running it, would pull the trigger on such a deal. Nevertheless, it's always good to have that bluff card in hand come draft time.

Speaking of Bradford, as has been noted before, his presence in St. Louis makes it an attractive destination for head coaching candidates. Albert Breer of the NFL Network reported Sunday morning that Jeff Fisher is ready to return to coaching and his main criteria is having an established franchise quarterback in place.