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College football open thread

  There are only two games of football being played at either the pro or college levels: Louisville-Florida Int'l, and Missouri - Arizona St.  Football fans could do much, much worse.

  Let's focus on the late game.  On one hand, you have the most volatile football player in the college game (and one who's talented enough to be a successful NFL MLB if he can limit that volatility): Vontaze Burfict.  On the other hand, you have a new era in Missouri football with Blaine Gabbert's departure giving way to James Franklin.  And that's just two prospects.  You can see 14 more names worth keeping an eye on in my week 2 watchlist (to be finished...sometime soon).

  buckeyefan55 helped me usher in the second week of college football with this post last night in which I belated noted that I'm not overly bullish on two WR prospects who are getting quite a bit of love early on in the draft schedule: Oklahoma St.'s Justin Blackmon and Arizona's Juron Criner.  Feel free to get at me in the comments.

  So here's your open thread for college action tonight (which is already underway).  What players or positions have you noticed that you're eager to see in a Rams uniform?  What sleepers have you identified?  What brand of pudding is your favorite (testing those of you who actually read these word for word)?