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Marshall Faulk debuts sugary cereal

St. Louis Rams fans and fans of food in flake form will be excited about a new product hitting grocery store shelves soon: Faulk Flakes. 

These dried bits of heavily subsidized American corn and high fructose corn syrup can be found on shelves at St. Louis area Shop N' Save stores. Proceeds from the sale of Faulk Flakes go to the Marshall Faulk Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the same urban youth Faulk's cereal is helping to fatten up. 

Despite the wealth of sports data available on the internet, no list of player product tie-ins exists. (I sense an opportunity for an enterprising pop culture fan). I believe Kurt Warner was the last player from the St. Louis Rams to have his own cereal. Correct me if I'm wrong. Wheaties boxes seem to be reserved for niche marketing or championship teams nowadays. Quite frankly, the Rams haven't have many players worthy of their own dollar store knockoff snack cakes, much less a breakfast cereal. Expect that to change soon.