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Root and branch: St. Louis Rams history versus the Philadelphia Eagles

Despite the innumerable connections between the St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles, recent precedent is lacking. The Rams have not played the Eagles since 2008, which was also a season opener. It was a classic display of the 2008 Rams, as the Eagles pecked them to death by a 38-3 final score. The Rams mustered a whopping 166 yards of total offense, while allowing 522 yards to Philly.

Rookie DeSean Jackson used the occasion to announce his presence on the national stage, catching 6 passes for 106 yards. Greg Lewis and Hank Baskett (Hank Baskett? Really?) also topped 100 yards.

God, am I glad those days are over. Three games later, Scott Linehan was fired.

Since coming to St. Louis, the Rams are 3-6 versus the Eagles. The last time they beat them was December 2004. You can see a complete history of games between the two teams via Pro Football Reference.

Ok, so I obviously have to mention the Andy Reid coaching tree, really the Mike Holmgren tree. I remember Pat Shurmur talking about that famous summit they had during the Combine this year at St. Elmo's Steak House. "We all learned it from Andy, who learned it from Mike," said Shurmur in his presser at the Combine. 

Spagnuolo said this about Reid earlier in the week: "I am very grateful to Andy for giving me my start in this league in 1999. You need something like that to happen. There are a lot of good coaches out there that haven't coached in the NFL. I was just blessed to have a door open and people to help me."