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Experts give the St. Louis Rams some hope against the Eagles

Experts...pfft, what do they know that we the fans don't? I guess that depends entirely on the subject. The St. Louis Rams received some love from a few "experts" over at ESPN this week, where three of eight experts picked them to beat the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Two computers (HAL and his brother?) picked the Eagles, but if we listened to the computers all the time we'd still be waiting for the PDF of last season's results to open.

ESPN's NFC West guru Mike Sando predicts an Eagles win, but not by much, 24-20. Here's part of Sando's rationale:

The Rams' defensive line matches up well. Steve Spagnuolo's knowledge of the Eagles will help. I'm tempted to pick St. Louis here, but I don't see the Rams scoring enough points in the end.

Let's open it up, make your official prediction for the Rams-Eagles game this week. Sure, I know who you're going to pick, but I still want to know why.