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Random Ramsdom: 9/8/2011


This is it folks. This is the day we've been waiting for. the NFL is back! Sure, the Rams won't be playing today, but I'm not the only one who is excited to watch some real, meaningful football. I'm also not the only one to think that this starts a new era of Rams football. Let's see what the interweb has brewing for us today...


  • Bernie over at STLToday says that Sam Bradford will have more weight on his shoulders this year. Ya think? That being said, he throws out an interesting point: the sophomore slump may be quite overrated.
  • It's already happening: the Rams defense has been preparing to face off against the messiah and his dream-team-of-destiny-insert-word-here-because-it-looks-better-with-more. In all seriousness, Vick does represent a challenge and it'll definitely be key to see if the upgrades the Rams made on defense help keep him in check. 
  • Way back two bullets ago, I linked an article about Sam Bradford. Remember? Of course you do. So here is another, from Bradford's own point of view, detailing how he feels about his second year in the NFL.
  • It came out yesterday, but keep an eye on Mike Sando's injury situations. In fact, keep an eye on Mike Sando. He came from Tacoma, and that is one crazy city.
  •  JimmyK from Bleeding Green Nation is here to answer your Eagles questions! Don't forget about it!
  • If you haven't already, check out OakCityRam's T-Minus series of posts. T-Minus 5 and T-Minus 4 so far.

That's all for this morning! Make sure to come back to check out all of our coverage on the first week of the NFL season!