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Next on Turf Show Times...

Lots to look at here at Turf Show Times!
Lots to look at here at Turf Show Times!

The season starts tomorrow night, the real NFL season. No more of this preseason stuff. The St. Louis Rams don't play until Sunday afternoon in what could be, on paper anyway, their toughest game of the season.

We have a ton of good stuff on tap for you in the lead up to, during and after the game. Let me give you a teaser. Tomorrow on the site, I've got an interview with Brian McIntyre from Football Outsiders. He wrote the Rams chapter in the 2011 Almanac, and he was kind enough to answer my many lengthy questions. 3k has a QnA with the Eagles blogger over at Bleeding Green Nation (hint: they don't think much of our wide receivers). Tevin continues his look at the matchups that matter. I've also got a look at a player who we here at TST think is primed for a big season. All that's just tomorrow.

Friday, 3k has his epic preview for the game. We'll have some fantasy football and look at the history of the Rams and Eagles, more than just the obvious Spagnuolo connection. And on...and on...and on.

In other site news, you may have noticed a change in the masthead. VanRam is gone, sort of. I'm going by my own handle now, the one my ever lovin' folks stuck me with some thirty-plus years least until I can get the paper work to legally change my name to VanRam...kidding. The reason for the change is two-fold. First, I'm contributing to the larger NFL side of things on, working the beat some on Sundays and cranking out some articles throughout the week. SBN is poised to do some real, real big things on the NFL side, and I'm super excited to be a part of it.

BTW, follow me on Twitter for even more NFL news and talk @RVB_SBN.

Not to worry, I'm still around here at TST. I will probably be writing about half as much. For one, I want to give talented guys like Brick top, Tevin, ram_rod, VT, Douglas, buckeye55 and, of course, 3k more room to shine. The sheer size of this site now requires some real editorial management, planning out articles in advance, editing, scheduling posts, etc. I'll also be covering more events like the Combine, draft, etc. in the months ahead.

There's also the business of promoting the site and developing the connections we've made along the way. When I was a pup writer, even before I started my six years at TST, I was fortunate enough to have people mentoring me and helping me learn the craft. I want to do that with this crew. That requires the kind of time you just don't have when you're writing 8 posts a day. Not to worry, I'll still be dropping verbiage on you, plenty.

I thought I had another point to this besides housekeeping stuff, but I've since lost it.

Oh, I know. We're also going to be doing more and more with fan contributions. I believe very strongly in the model we have going here, both this site and in the broader sense of reshaping how sports journalism happens on the web. Our strength is our community, and we have to be sure to use it. So keep those fanposts and fanshots coming.