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St. Louis Rams 2011 Stat Predictions: non-Amendola wide receivers

  Time for some Midnight Madness.

  Is there a bigger question mark than the Rams' wide receivers?  Sure, Danny Amendola is a solid contributor for what he does, but what he does is incredibly limited.  Donnie Avery is gone.  Mardy Gilyard is gone.  Laurent Robinson is gone.  Instead, the Rams are moving forward with young, athletic options.

  Brandon Gibson has flashed an ability for YAC beyond what anyone on this roster can offer.  In his first game as a Ram, Gibson went off for seven catches and 93 yards.  Since then, his ability to produce yardage has been consistent; so has his ability to produce fits of rage among Ram fans.

  Danario Alexander isn't any easier to predict.  Talent?  Check.  Off the charts athleticism?  Check.  Knees made of hamburgers?  Exhibit A.  DX is another example of the Hoomanwanui syndrome.  Sure, if he can stay on the field for 16 games, he can have a notable statistical output.  I dare you to bet a cent on that if.

  Mike Sims-Walker is arguably the most unpredictable of the three, as he's yet to take a regular season snap with Sam Bradford as his QB or in a Josh McDaniels-led system or with the Rams.  Combine all those three and you have a salsa of unknown.  Mmm, mysteriously tasty!

  So for this thread, we'll do the impossible: accurately forecast what Slippery McFlipperyhands, Hamburger Knee and Mike Skywalker will do for the Rams in 2011.  Best of luck.  To help you out, let's keep it simple:

Brandon Gibson - receptions / yards / TDs

Danario Alexander - receptions / yards / TDs

Mike Sims-Walker - receptions / yards / TDs

  Get at it.