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TST Power Rankings: The Calm Before the Storm

C.J. Ah You ponders the St. Louis Rams place on the TST power rankings.
C.J. Ah You ponders the St. Louis Rams place on the TST power rankings.

We decided to hold out on releasing power rankings over the preseason- they don't mean much anyway, and there isn't any sense in adjusting teams because they had a good series with their starters once a week. That being said, tomorrow starts a new year, and that means power rankings every week. For a long, long time. Hit the jump to see where the St. Louis Rams (and those other, lesser 31 teams) landed!

Team Douglas M ram_rod 3k Avg
(+/-) Say What?
Patriots 1 2 1


+1 A rocky finish to the preseason won't shake my belief that this team is the top of this season's NFL class - Doug
Packers 2 1 2


-1 A tougher division will give them a challenge, but I'm one of those people that gives #1 to the old champ to start things off - Eric
Falcons 3 4 3


0 The lack of a finished product in the preseason can't offset the ammount of talent on this team - Doug
Steelers 6 5 4


+1 With the Bengals imploding, the Browns building and the Ravens getting older, the Steelers are primed for another long run in January - Eric
Saints 5 4 7


-1 Ingram is going to play a roll this year, making them one of the premier rushing teams in the league - Doug
Eagles 4 6 6


+1 Up from #8 in my last rankings. This team is deep at every position- Doug
Ravens 7 7 8


0 Peak or valley and nothing in between for Flacco. A 10 position drop from here is entirely possible- Doug
Jets 8 9 5


-2 They've had to deal with some injuries and will once again face off against the Pats for East supremacy. Something has to give - Eric
Bucs 10 8 10


+1 Josh Freeman looks to be the real deal, but they are in the toughest division in the league. If they start making mistakes, it's over - Eric
Rams 9 11 12


+2 Yes, I actually believe this team can be in the top 10. There will be a 30% increase in offense this year. - Doug
Texans 13 10 11


+4 With Peyton Manning injured, it's now or never for the Texans. - Eric
Lions 11 13 14


+6 Can't believe it? They hold this position as long as Stafford stays healthy. If they he doesn't, this defensive team will drop like a rock- Doug
Chargers 18 16 9


0 Doug and I have them where they normally start out every year, 3k where they normally end up. I'll believe a quick start from them when the Bills win the AFC East -Eric
Raiders 12 12 21


+3 Soo talented, soo doing all they can to screw things up - Doug
Bears 15 14 16


-1 Could win big as the third best team in their division. Detroit games this year are going to be HUGE - Doug
Colts 16 15 15


-7 No Peyton means gravity will prove itself in a hard way for this team. Potentially a bottom 10 team without their future HOF QB- Doug
Chiefs 17 17 13


-6 They are still right around the middle of the league. A slow start for the Bolts and Al Davis means they have a shot this year too- Eric
Giants 19 18 17


-2 If Eli has fewer than 10 interceptions by mid-season, this team will move up 10 slots…Not going to happen -Doug
Cardinals 14 19 26


+5 Kolb experiment working well so far. The Cards defense is one of the big surprises of the 2011 preseason - Doug
Cowboys 21 20 19


-1 They've got a ways to go, but Tony Romo and Jason Garrett for a full season should make things more interesting- Eric
Vikings 24 24 18


0 Their defense will drop out of the NFL's best ranks this season. Their offense? McNabb…Enough said? - Doug
Seahawks 22 22 22


-2 Last time I talked about how much I disliked Tavaris Jackson, and how bad he was. Nothing's changed- Eric
Browns 20 21 27


+2 Flash! Then nothing. Flash! Then nothing. Blame it on team depth and a conservative offense as the season progresses - Doug
Broncos 27 23 25


+4 Absolutely blew a chance to gather draft picks by trading Orton or Tebow. Quinn is still a disaster and their best QB is on their practice squad- Doug
Titans 26 30 20


-2 The new Titans offense: Jake Locker option to Chris Johnson. 40 times a game. -Eric
49ers 30 25 23


+1 We'll see three different starting QB's this year- Doug
Jaguars 23 26 32


-5 Gabbert is lucky- he won't have to deal with Jack Del Rio by the time he's the full time starter- Eric
Dolphins 28 29 24


-2 Making a serious case for the first position in the Luck Bowl - Doug
Redskins 25 32 30


0 Mike Shanahan is still waiting for the next coming of John Elway. Dan Snyder is still Dan Snyder. Things are not good- Eric
Panthers 32 27 28


+1 The first QB controversy of 2012 will be whether to dump Cam for some Luck - Doug
Bengals 29 31 29


-1 Carson Palmer wasn't kidding. We're laughing at you, not with you Cinci -Eric
Bills 31 28 31


0 Good preseason followed by a season of, "You've got to be kidding me"- Doug