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Philadelphia Eagles re-sign Joselio Hanson

Have the Philadelphia Eagles re-signed recently released CB Joselio Hanson? Maybe. Geoff Mosher from the Wilmington News Journal said on Twitter moments ago that Hanson was back with the Eagles. He has confirmed the news. 

Here's exactly what Mosher said:

Breaking: I'm told Joselio Hanson is back. I think that means he re-signs with Eagles. Stay tuned...

If the Eagles have indeed re-signed Hanson, that means one of the most attractive cornerback options is off the market. The Rams had some interest in Hanson, but not as much as some thought; it was more of "right price" level of interest. 

Carolina nabbed Darius Butler off waivers, essentially replacing C.J. Wilson on their roster. Wilson, you'll recall, was at Rams Park yesterday for a workout

Hanson's re-addition might be more about keeping him from the Giants, per Mosher. The Eagles may look to move some of their other corners, Trevard Lindley or Brandon Hughes, for a late round draft pick. Both of the undersized youngsters could fit the nickel role, but would they have enough experience? 

It's probably too late for the Rams to add a corner in time to play against the Eagles this week. 

UPDATE: The Eagles release Trevard Lindley to counter the Hanson addition. He's available on waivers.