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St. Louis Rams breakout players: Is Darell Scott ready to take the leap?

The St. Louis Rams have 53 players on their roster. Few fans and almost nobody on the national scene knows the guys beyond the starters, beyond the big name starters. And that's okay. Obviously, you and I both know that the players down the depth chart matter. I was a little surprised when they kept DT Darell Scott, but there's a reason for that: he has talent. 

Jim Thomas revealed an interesting tidbit about Scott, a fourth-round pick in 2009, in his chat yesterday. From Thomas:

He's big, strong and athletic. I remember Clifton Ryan telling me last year in camp that Scott easily was the most talented DT on the roster. I'm told the coaches thought he outplayed Muir in the preseason.

Scott displayed some of that talent early on last year, before fading out completely down the stretch. Muir did little to impress during his time with the Colts, who had a poor defensive line last year. Muir's time in the preseason with the Rams didn't exactly stand out, and Thomas says the coaches felt the same way.

The Rams could really use Scott to develop with a pair of 30+ defensive tackles starting in the middle of their line. Hopefully, this his year.