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TST Mailbag

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Consider yourselves all witnesses to history.  This is my first time doing the TST mailbag for y'all.  The St. Louis Rams are about to start the regular season, and I'm here to answer all the questions you the readers posted on Facebook.  Let's get to it.

Here's some Passion Pit for your listening enjoyment.


Jeremy Bøwen Which new Ram (including rookies or FA pickups) will have the biggest impact?

Harvey Dahl.  He is going to bring the great nasty mentality this line, especially Jason Smith, needs.  He will have an immediate impact in the rushing game.

Carter Bowman How early do you expect Robert Quinn to have substantial playing time?

Depends on what you mean by "substantial".  If you mean starting, not until mid-late season at least.  If you mean having an impact on defense, I expect that almost right away.  He will get time on pass rushing downs and play some special teams to start the year.  The best thing for Quinn is he won't be hurried into playing before he is ready.

Sergey Konyshev Who's gonna return kicks and punts for the Rams this year?

Good question.  I'm pretty sure Danny will still hold the punt returner job.  As for kick returner, I really don't have an idea.  I still think Danny will have the job, but one guy who could easily take the kick off return job is Jerious Norwood.  We'll see when the Rams line up on Sunday.

Larry Holzer why would an organization on the rise, stick with a proven mediocre QB, A.J. Feeley rather then a QB with great potential Thad Lewis? if Bradford goes down they are finished anyway.

The reason they went with Feeley over Lewis is the fact that Feeley has NFL game experience and Lewis does not.  Bradford depends on Feeley as a mentor as well.

Rickey Dula Did D Curry play any at w/o? I didn't here are read anything bout him this preseason.

No, he doesn't make an impact at WR.  Great STs guy though.  I don't even call him a WR because he never plays there.

Jude Herron ya lets say something happens to our stud punter and place kicker. where do we turn?


Pablo Contreras Are the starting rosters all set our will they change? And who will have a stand out game on sunday?

They are set for the Eagles' game, but they will change over the season due to injury and bad/good play.

Alan Clayton Thanks for the answer. By the way, any news on Illini Mike and his health for week one?

From what I hear, he most likely won't play in week one.

Jeff Bourgoine Do you think we see at least one play-action bomb to either b. gibson, kendricks or DX?

Yep, that's going to be our offense this year.  Big plays off play action.

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom Two from Sweden now!

1) Which players are under a 1-year deal?

2) What are the holes on Phillys defense?

1.) AJ Feeley, Donnie Jones, Mike Sims-Walker, Billy Bajema, Bryan Kehl, Ben Leber, CJ Ah You, Cadillac Williams, Danny Amendola, Britt Miller, Darian Stewart, Dominique Curry, Chris Chamberlain, Jerious Norwood, Mark Clayton, Al Harris, Stephen Spach, and Tony Wragge.

2.) Their linebackers and safeties.

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom  Which SAm and Will linebackers will start?

Brady Poppinga and Ben Leber.  Not really sure who's Sam and who's Will.  I'm thinking Ben Leber is the Will and Brady is the Sam.

Clayton Weaver How would you rate the Rams run defense? There were many times last year where teams would run all over the Rams but then in 3rd and Short, they'd hold up and force a FG or Punt. But players like Long and now Quinn seem to have the rep or being better pass rushers than run stoppers, there are new faces at OLB, and DT seems to be a ??? outside of Robbins

I would say the run defense is above average.  At times cutback and counter runs kills the Rams defense, but for the most part the run defense is solid.  By the way Chris Long is one of the best 4-3 run defending ends in the NFL; get that Long is better as a pass rusher than a run defender out of your head.  Quinn won't be used much on rush downs this season, but he is adequate at run defending.  There's still a lot of room for improvement.  DT will be a rotation spot, but the guys who will be in it (Bannan, Scott and Gibson) are solid run defenders.

Frank McEntire Why do my hangovers seem so much worse after a rams loss?

Cause when the Rams are losing, the best fans be boozing.  

Thanks for all your questions.  Holla.