Eagles questions

I'm JimmyK, editor over at Bleeding Green Nation, the SB Nation site that covers the Eagles.  I met your esteemed leader VanRam at the Combine, and he watched as I was basically told by Mike Shanahan to eff off, after annoying him and the rest of the Redskins' brass in a drunken stupor at some Indianapolis bar.  Anyway, I'm here to answer whatever questions you may have.  I know that some of the guys that do this say "Don't ask me abut (fill in the blank of something they're answered a thousand times)," but I don't mind.  Want to bash our crappy fans? Go right ahead.  Got a comment about Michael Vick being the worst guy on the planet, and how can I root for him?  Whatever.  Mad that we're not taking the Rams seriously?  Fire away.