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Random Ramsdom, 9/6: Week one is here

The St. Louis Rams start work to prepare for week one.
The St. Louis Rams start work to prepare for week one.

Put all that preseason and training camps stuff aside. All of it. The regular season is here, and the St. Louis Rams are getting ready for a tough schedule that opens against the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's take a look around the web and get the lowdown for week one. 

Rams Focused on Philly - Labor Day was full of work for the Rams. They officially started practicing for the Eagles game this Sunday. A perfect preseason instilled some confidence, and the veterans on the team are particularly fired up for the season ahead. Most are writing off the Rams this week, but the season starts with a clean slate.

Tony Wragge: "You'd better be a mean SOB" - That's how the Rams' new backup interior lineman describes himself and the nature of playing in the trenches in the NFL. Wragge, like his friend Harvey Dahl, give the Rams' offensive line some of that meanness they lacked last year.

Hoomanawanui's status this week in question - Michael Hoomanawanui is, for now, said to be questionable to doubtful. The NFL doesn't really allow for a range in medical status reports, so probably best not to count on him this week. As we famously learned yesterday in the Peyton Manning neck saga, no player listed as doubtful went on to play last year.

Eagles first-round pick struggling - Eagles' first-round pick, OG Danny Watkins, has struggled with the transition to the NFL. His preseason play resulted in some ugly moments, and the team is concerned about how Watkins will hold up against an aggressive Rams defensive front. To back him up, the Eagles signed veteran Kyle DeVan, recently of the Colts.

Rookies in for some surprises - Preseason work aside, football games will look a little different for rookies when the regular seasons starts. Jason Cole at Yahoo! talks to coaches and general managers about which positions are the most difficult to transition. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, a former defensive backs coach, says that linebackers and secondary face the steepest learning curve.