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NFL roster moves: Rams free agent cornerback options

Not content to rest after trimming the roster to 53 players on Saturday, the St. Louis Rams continue to make moves. A day after adding a beefier backup interior lineman, tight ends received attention today. Journeyman Stephen Spach replaced UDFA feel-good story Ben Guidugli on the roster. TE DeMarco Crosby was signed to fill the final eighth practice squad spot. Those are mostly footnotes. The Rams are expected to make one more, slightly more important, move to shore up the depth chart and fill a big need: nickel cornerback. 

So far, GM Billy Devaney is keeping his eye on the available talent, waiting to pounce when the fit is right. Free agent corners at this point offer little in the way of headlines. There a few intriguing names out there though. 

Joselio Hanson - Mentioned last week as a potential trade option, the Eagles cut Hanson on Saturday. No team has signed him yet, but there is definitely some interest. The New York Giants will be big players in the cornerback world, trying to replace some big losses they suffered last month. Devaney said the Rams' interest in Hanson was "not as high" as it sounded in some outlets. 

Perrish Cox - Raping and drugging a woman, and knocking her up for good measure, seems like it might be a stretch with the whole four pillars thing. McDaniels drafted him last year when he was coaching the Broncos. 

Reggie Corner - From the appropriately named category, Corner can be a good nickel corner. His size rules him out for either of the outside corner roles. 

Quincy Butler - Known commodities get an automatic advantage this time of year, and Butler is well-known indeed, having played off and on for the Rams over the last two years. 

Kendric Burney - A North Carolina product, the Panthers nabbed him as a UDFA this year. He has some potential, but that might not be enough given the Rams needs for a player who can step into a role as soon as they sign him. The Panthers put him on their practice squad. 

Stay tuned.