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The hardest working Ram in the business

Steven Jackson, man, myth, legend
Steven Jackson, man, myth, legend

What would Labor Day be without a hard working player tie-in post? Nothing. Obviously, these St. Louis Rams work pretty damn hard. Last season's turnaround should have made that evident. One player on the team who continues to impress with his work ethic and leadership: RB Steven Jackson. 

Jackson has been the heart and soul of this Rams team for a long time. A bright spot in some really rough years, he always gave fans a reason to keep watching the Rams play on Sunday, even with the team's results surely to be a disappointment. It only figures that Jackson, after all that, would emerge as the leader he is today. Even when some tried to make a ridiculous kerfuffle out of Jackson not joining the unofficial player workouts. 

And what does Jackson have in store for this season? Big things. Big things that he's not counting in yards or touchdowns or with any other mere number. I'll let Jackson himself explain:

This year my goals are very team-oriented though. Years previous, it was different because I would always put down a number that I wanted to rush for and a number of touchdowns I wanted to score.

This year I'm taking a different approach. I want to play at a Pro Bowl level and use my own individual ability to catapult us into a playoff appearance. Ultimately, I'm looking this year to be a great leader, lead my team to a playoff appearance and win the NFC title.

My goals are very team oriented because I recognize that I am a leader of this team. I set things out for this group of 53-men to achieve as a group, rather than just myself as an individual.

Head over to Jackson's web site to read the whole thing. It's a very enlightening piece as to Jackson's expectations and role with the Rams the season.