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Catching up with today's news

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Wow, yesterday was a pretty crazy day huh? The Rams had to make a lot of tough choices to get to 53 players, and there are still roster moves to make. Some of the cuts the Rams made have potential to bite the Rams in the future. Even though we don't like all the cuts, at least we can agree that the team looks better than last year.

It's time to stop dwelling on the past and look towards the now. The Rams have made some additions today, and some of the old players you loved have found a new home. So let's catch up with the cuts.

The Rams cut Hank Fraley, to add Tony Wragge( former 49er). Wragge played center and both guard spots.

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The rest of the players are now on the practice squad.

Tim Atchison (CB), Johnathon Nelson (S), Ryan McKee (OL), John Henderson (DT), Kevin Hughes (OL), Chase Reynolds (RB), Scott Lutrus (LB). There is still one more spot available on the practice squad.

The notable players that left and signed.

David Vobora was a Seahawk, but they released him.

Mardy Gilyard went to the Jets. He will most likely play in the slot.

George Selvie is now a Panther. The panthers got a good developmental DE.

Thaddeus Lewis has signed with the Browns. A good pickup by Pat Shurmur.

Zac Diles got cut after a short stay with the Rams. He is now a Buccaneer.